Caffeine Made Me Jittery and Anxious, Then I Discovered CBD Coffee



When CBD first began to take off, I didn’t immediately jump on board the train. I’d read the scores of internet claims that it can reduce anxiety, remedy insomnia, and even zap a hangover, but since there seems to be a new health and wellness craze nearly every week, I thought the THC-free compound would soon join the ranks of the Master Cleanse and other fads. But while I can’t attest to all its purported benefits — I did try it for a hangover once and still cursed the light of day — I can say that, for me, it did eliminate all caffeine-induced jitters and anxiety when ingested with coffee.

A little backstory here: I am a card-carrying chronic worrier. I am also a coffee addict. While some days I can handle a cup of java just fine, on others, the caffeine sends my nerves into hyperdrive. I was actually turned on to CBD coffee by a friend while having breakfast at his house. He told me the only beans his household stocks are CBD-infused and that it’s done wonders for his postcup jitters. As someone all too familiar with the coffee shakes, I gave it a shot, and to be frank, I was pretty amazed. I still felt all the benefits of a morning brew — energy, alertness, focus — without the negative side effects.

I tried to conduct a little research to find out why caffeine and cannabidiol seem to complement each other so well, but because CBD is so new, the research out there is limited. The questions surrounding whether or not it should be mixed with caffeine, I found, are even more nebulous. Why would we put an oil that helps people relax in a beverage that’s supposed to be energizing? Well, here’s what I found. For starters, the amount you ingest matters, as research shows heavier doses tend to make people feel sleepier. Many CBD products also include ancillary ingredients that promote sleep, such as melatonin or terpenes, which obviously I avoid if I’m not ready to hit the sheets. And for me personally, I welcome the natural soothing properties; while the coffee still energizes me, the CBD is calming and doesn’t leave me feeling anxious or wired.

While the coffee still energizes me, the CBD is calming and doesn’t leave me feeling anxious or wired.

Different products can obviously have different potencies, so as someone who travels often, I now carry a bottle of a brand of CBD oil that I know well. Each morning, I add 0.5 ml to one cup of coffee. I think it’s important for anyone new to CBD or new to this specific combo to start with small amounts to gauge how your body reacts. At home, I leave the dosage to the experts and purchase CBD-infused coffee. If you’re not a coffee drinker, there are a ton of CBD tea varieties out there, too.

One final piece of advice for anyone trying CBD coffee for the first time: be careful with the amount of coffee you drink. I believe sometimes we mark side effects like jitters or nausea as a sign we’ve had enough caffeine, and because CBD can help eliminate that, you might be inclined to just keep drinking cup after cup. My recommendation? Give yourself a limit, and stick to it.

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