Cheapest Post Workout Food for Fat Loss & Muscle Gain

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The cheapest and the best post workout food available in Indian market.
No doubt, there are a lot of post workout supplements available in the market. The most popular of them being Whey protein. Even though there is no problem in consuming whey protein. It is safe, natural and I totally recommend it. However, the downside to whey protein is that it is very costly. One serving of a good whey protein powder will cost you around Rs 50. Because of this, many of us who are on tight budget, specially the students living in hostels and PGs are not able to afford it. But we can not and we should not compromise on post workout nutrition. It is that time of the day when our body is dying to get the nutrients. It is the window of growth. So, if you are messing up your post workout nutrition, you are messing up the whole day. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to build muscle or to cut the extra fat from the body, post workout nutrition is extremely important. If you feel that you are not getting the desired results, there are high chances that you are missing out on proper nutrition after the workout. The most important nutrient needed by your body post workout is protein. This is because protein is needed for the repair of muscles and make it stronger and bigger. And another thing that we should keep in mind is that whatever we eat post workout should be low in fats. This is because fats slow down the absorption of protein which makes So what do we do? Well, there is one food which is readily available almost everywhere.

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