The Beginner’s Guide to Face Yoga – Fascial Muscles and Wrinkles

I am often asked if moving you facial muscles can actually CAUSE wrinkles. My answer is that it really depends on HOW you are moving your face. When you move your face all over the place, or not in a calculated way, or you make frown lines without realizing it, this will cause wrinkles.

That is why every program I offer, is demonstrated through video. I want you to feel 100% confident that you are doing the poses PROPERLY and erase any worry you have of doing more harm than good.

Form is so important with all exercise. You walk into any gym, and everyone there will tell you quality and consistency is the key to success.

Lucky for you, I am here as your very own personal trainer! You can watch my videos on your computer, smartphone, or tablet and even buy the book if you learn better that way. I make my programs fail proof. And my practitioners’ results prove that!

A lot of our daily facial movements are done unconsciously. We use our muscles to communicate and show emotions. It’s not just words we are saying. It is our facial expressions that do a lot of the talking.

I’m so interested in how we can isolate the facial muscles so that we can get the most
benefit out of the poses. Face Yoga Method poses focus on the area you want to work on and relaxing the rest of the face muscles.

Anyone can do it, you just have to learn the right way, and practice.

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