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🌿 Heart experts think, people who have heart diseases should practice yoga regularly everyday and practice properly. After a while, blood sugar, blood pressure and triglycerides concentrations in the body with heart disease will reduce significantly. The decline of harmful factors to this heart will eventually help reduce the risk of heart in those who train.

❤️ Yoga improves the strength of the heart
Yoga workout helps improve the strength of the heart and improve the quality of the patient’s life with heart problems. Then the blood vessels will be elastic, helping strengthen blood circulation should make the heart system easier. With patients combined yoga with common medical care, they will have more flexible body, reduce heart inflammation and have higher quality index.

❤️ Yoga helps heart beat more regularly
The benefits of yoga is to improve the status of fast and irregular heartbeat – disease can lead to stroke and other complications. Thanks to yoga practice, the tranquility in the body will help the heart vibration reduce, the heartbeat more regularly.

❤️ Yoga reduces blood pressure
Yoga can help you control your blood pressure in people at risk of increasing blood pressure. A scientific study shows that those who do yoga continuously for at least 8 weeks will have blood pressure reduce lightly compared to those who don’t practice daily or never practice. So high blood pressure people should do yoga regularly.

❤️ Yoga improve the mood
After a heart attack or other cardiovascular symptoms, many patients may feel isolated with society, fear cannot do what they were able to do before. In that case, the benefits of yoga are like medicine that helps ease the feeling of depression and isolated. Be diligent to go to yoga classes to have a safe, exchange environment, make friends for connection with each other. Because of that, the person with heart disease is more comfortable, the healing is easier.

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1. 30 Minutes Hip Opening Yoga Pose https://youtu.be/mETlfOoZqpM
2. 50 yoga pose in 5 Minutes https://youtu.be/m14g5wi14xU
3. Power and weight lose yoga flow https://youtu.be/RFxyX3AT2n8
4. 40 Minutes Intensive yoga flow https://youtu.be/EEBL2R54gDU
5. Beautiful outdoor yoga https://youtu.be/Wu2uXr_jaY8
6. Sequences of Classic Standing pose https://youtu.be/27h5tVosgPg
7. Learn Advance yoga https://youtu.be/BTZZ9VuV1CA
8. Yoga Dance https://youtu.be/3BiByILsKbw
9. Reduce fat and lose weight https://youtu.be/OnlF-vk_iG0
10. Shoulder opening and Twisting https://youtu.be/sDhsQ_OSWmY
11. Body Balancing https://youtu.be/GQkM9cw1VbU
12. Yoga with Stick https://youtu.be/wUPtGcAqr_Y
13. Yoga Dance Tu Aati hai some me https://youtu.be/vT_s2CaV3o0
14. Full Body yoga workout https://youtu.be/Djc_rt-mM5Q
15. Yoga for Obesity https://youtu.be/Ify3bfsJC-A

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