Top 5 Twisting Yoga Poses | Yoga Body Purification or Detox for Beginners | Vashistha Yoga Ashram

5 Best Yoga Twist for Detox : Beginner’s Yoga | Twisting is most important part in Yoga to activate your Kundalini or spinal energy, stimulate your abdominal organs, detox your body and relief your back and spine. In this Yoga video Yoga guru Dheeraj Vashistha demonstrated 5 twisting yogasana for beginners including : Ardh Matsyendrasana or Half Spinal Twist Pose, Marichyasana, Bharadvajasana, Pasasana or Noose Pose and Meru Dandasana or Reclined Spinal Twist.

Bhardwaj’s Twist :

Half Spinal Twist : Ardha Matsyendrasana :

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