Pelvic floor YOGA for women’s sexual life & reproductive organs|| onsyoga||

pelvic is the end part of your torso situated between abdomen and legs it is a safe house for women and provide support for brother and reproductive organs like ovary is uterus and fallopian tube

if your pelvic is not strong enough or not in a good safe then you make face problem with infertility..
in this video I have shown some yoga posture along with some pelvic floor exercise to make your pelvic strong enough and get rid of your infertility problem.

My name is Sami yogi shyami and you are welcome to my channel ons Yoga..

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Go through the video and watch the full .If you have any question ask me in comment box, i must reply ..
No more writing today, I have given a details explanation in this video so please watch the full. Namaste !! ——————————————————————————————————– Thank You for watching my channel.There are lots to come. Please support me. Please Subscribe, like and share.
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