21 Mantras to Transform Your Meditation Practice


These classes were a part of the 21-Day Meditation Challenge with Light Watkins. Kickstart your meditation challenge and by purchasing the challenge for permanent ownership!

Mantras are a powerful tool in meditation, especially for those who might be new to the practice. Meditation isn’t easy—it’s difficult for the mind to automatically negate all thoughts. We’re distracted by our massive to-do lists, whether it be figuring out new health care plans or preparing for that important four o’clock conference call. But having a mantra is like having a mental home, in that it gives even those with the most cluttered minds a  place to direct their focus. 

“Langauge creates reality. Words have power. Speak always to create joy.” – Deepak Chopra

Look at this way: When we say a mantra, we’re repeating a phrase over and over, allowing the words to seep into our conscious and subconscious mind. Furthermore, these inspiring phrases can be used to instigate huge shifts in our thought patterns. For instance, if you have trouble with self-worth, you can repeat the mantra, “I am enough,” gently reminding yourself that yeah, you’re totally doing the best you can. Words have a powerful effect, so why not use them to our benefit?

Below are 21 of our favorite mantras, all provided by meditation instructor Light Watkins and his 21-Day Meditation Challenge. (Highly recommended!) These mantras can be used at anytime, and in whatever order you choose. Find one that speaks to you, and let your brain relax. 

21 Mantras to Inspire Your Meditation Practice

    1. I am bliss
    2. This moment is perfect, whole, and complete.
    3. Nature is conspiring for me. 
    4. I have no expectation of any result.
    5. Recharge, renew, then respond.
    6. The power of intention lies within.
    7. I will follow my bliss. 
    8. I am as dynamic as my rest. 
    9. I am available for energy and creativity.
    10. My nature is to flow. 
    11. I am grateful for… 
    12. What is true for me today?
    13. My intent is heard by universal intelligence.
    14. Everything and everyone is extended self.
    15. The answers are sourced within.
    16. I am committed to my personal growth and evolution.
    17. My bliss is judgement free. 
    18. My true nature is spirit. 
    19. I celebrate my extended self.
    20. My true happiness is sourced from within. 
    21. I am.

Don’t feel limited by this list—feel free to create your own mantras as well! Collect them in a notebook or on cards, and keep them near your meditation space.  

Your meditation practice is entirely yours. Notice what instigates those feelings of bliss.  You can also always return to these phrases at any point of your day, or whenever you feel like you need a spiritual pick-me-up. Like your mat, your meditation practice is always waiting. 

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