Desi Teaches Yoga For Beginners – Desi’s Moment of Zen

Desi Teaches Dog Yoga For Beginners – Desi’s Moment of Zen! Desi takes you through his day of running, YOGA….jumping in puddles, eating dirt, barking, deep thoughts, sniffing random objects, more stretching and YOGA for Dogs…, and stepping out in the rain….He leaves us with a few thoughts to ponder, as is Desi’s style.

I adopted Desi in 2017 – he was 4 years old. He came from a home that kept him in a closet as they went to work. He never knew the outdoors. At the Kent County Animal Shelter, Desi was hiding under his cot and would not greet anybody…he was shaking so badly. He had a severe underbite and a crooked tail plus Desi had been abused, so nobody wanted a one-on-one with him, he was so alone. I passed him by but then I returned
….I whispered his name ” Brownie” and he almost came to me…I saw that he wanted to…and I knew right then and there, we were meant for each other. 2 broken souls who needed each other. And I was right. We saved each other. And I love it that you love him. It means the world to me.

We saved each other. Desi is half Shitzu and half dachshund…they call him a Schweenie Dog!!!!


If you would like to see Desi do more Zen Video just let him know!
Love you all to the moon and back,
Love always and always,
Desi ( and Susan) xxoooo

Desi’s Day -

“Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.”
― Nicholas Sparks, A Walk to Remember

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