This or That Healthy Food Choices! Tabata Kid’s Workout PE activity or BRAIN BREAK!

Workout Meals
Are you choosing healthy food options? This activity provides so many healthy choices and will help you realize that there is a lot of good tasting food that also helps give you the nutrients and fuel your body needs! In this Tabata, you choose which healthy food you’d like to eat. After a few moments, exercises will pop up on the screen. Perform the exercises that are beside your choice for 30 seconds. You will get a 5 second rest after coach reads the choices each round. Let’s have a great workout while having fun!

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Thanks so much for visiting my channel! I’m from Texas & living the dream as an Elementary PE Teacher! PE with Coach Smith focuses on providing fun and engaging activities such as: instant activities/warm ups, throwing/catching games, dodging/tagging games, sports skills such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, and many more! I LOVE incorporating core subjects in my lessons. I also really enjoy holiday themed activities for those special days and months that we celebrate! I love hearing your ideas, so please post any in the community part of my channel, or comment on any videos!

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