Does TikTok’s “Lucky-Girl Syndrome” Actually Work?


Lucky Girl Syndrome

“Lucky-girl syndrome” is the latest manifestation method to capture social media. Essentially, it’s about embracing the belief that you are a lucky person and that everything “always works out for you.” Whether you’re a big vision-board person or love an excuse to manifest all of life has to offer, the key is to “be delusional,” according to Tiktoker Laura Galebe who shared her thoughts on the practice with over 170K followers.

Lucky-girl syndrome is rooted in the Law of Assumption, a principle created by philosopher Neville Goddard, says Emily Logan Lewis, intuitive mentor, spiritual teacher, and Soul Journeys® Akashic Records master consultant. The Law of Assumption states that our reality is an extension of our consciousness and our belief systems. “Therefore, what we assume to be true about ourselves, we call into our reality,” Lewis says. By assuming that we are “always lucky,” we are able to attract lucky circumstances into our lives.

“For me personally, I have always operated with this belief system before it was called ‘lucky-girl syndrome,'” Lewis adds. “I am the type of person who always wins raffle baskets, who can attract money easily, and who always has things ‘just work out’ for me. I am living proof that this manifestation method absolutely works.”


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But like anything else on the internet, there is an opposing take, and it’s not completely off-base. Some are rightfully calling out the privilege that can often come hand-in-hand with the so-called “lucky girls.” “It’s not because I’m rich, or white, or able-bodied, or pretty in a nonthreatening way,” comedian Tess Tregellas says sarcastically in her parody video, making fun of the concept. “Those are toxic thoughts that are affecting your spirituality.”

While positive affirmations and manifestations are a great daily practice, according to Rachel Hoffman, PhD, LCSW, chief clinical officer at Real, deeming something as “lucky” is not always healthy. “Luck — meaning something will just happen for you and to you without any work — can be dangerous, because it allows someone to detach from having any roles in the outcome of their life or experience,” Dr. Hoffman explains. “It can also be a slippery slope into entitlement as it removes the responsibility from the individual to work towards what they want to achieve instead.”

However, she does believe that manifesting can support confidence and self-esteem because it requires visualizing and actively thinking about the life you want and the steps you need to take to get there. “You are an active participant in the process,” Dr. Hoffman adds. “Manifesting leans into faith, and confidence requires leaning on someone’s strengths,” both of which she says are important for personal growth. “I fully believe in being optimistic and positive but think both need to be paired with a healthy amount of grounding and hard work.”

Ready to tap into your own lucky-girl syndrome? POPSUGAR spoke with Lewis about all things manifestation. Keep reading for tips on how to become a “lucky girl” yourself.

Define What Lucky Means to You

Take some time to journal about your definition of lucky that way you know exactly what you want to manifest. “Does it mean that nothing bad happens in your life? That you always attract good opportunities? That things come easily to you?” Lewis asks. “Really get clear on what your definition of luck is, and then write out what ‘being lucky’ would mean for you in your daily life and what you want to manifest as a ‘lucky person.'” Take time to get clear on what you would create for yourself if you were lucky. Would you find the perfect job? Attract a soulmate? Call in money and abundance? The clearer you are with your definition, the easier it will be to visualize.

Set Daily Intentions

Daily intention setting is crucial with the lucky-girl-syndrome method. “As you are starting your day, write down or state out loud that ‘today is going to be a lucky day’ and ‘everything always works out for me,'” Lewis says. “By affirming this to yourself, you are assuming that you will take on that state of being and that belief system during the course of your day.” And then watch what happens!

Visualize Your Luckiest Life

Incorporate time to meditate and visualize what it would look like to be living the “luckiest day of your life.” What would you be doing? What would happen to you? Who would you be with? “Allow yourself to see this in your mind’s eye with as much detail as possible,” Lewis advises. Visualizing is incredibly important for the Law of Assumption because it’s based in the belief that your imagination has the power to change your reality. Therefore the easier you can picture the details in your mind, the easier you can manifest it in the real world.

Take Action From the Perspective of Being a Lucky Person

As you go throughout your day and are faced with a decision, ask yourself, “What would the luckiest version of me do in this situation?” and make a choice based on your answer. Whether that’s trusting your intuition, taking risks, or overall being more optimistic, it’s approaching a scenario with the belief that it will work out for you no matter what. And if doesn’t work out, recognize that it probably didn’t work out for a good reason and something better is coming. “If you have trouble with this, visualize a lucky friend of yours instead and ask yourself what they would do in that situation,” Lewis says. She also suggests finding the people in your life who you consider to be the “luckiest” and spend more time with them. Optimism and confidence can often be infectious. “When you see that they also having lucky things happen to them, you will show yourself that this is possible for you too!” she explains.

Journal When You’ve Felt Unlucky

“In order for lucky-girl syndrome to really work for you, you’re going to need to let go of any old beliefs that would undermine or cancel out the belief that you are ‘lucky,'” Lewis emphasizes. Find out what those beliefs are by journaling about times in your life where you have felt unlucky or when times have been tough. “Journalling taps into the subconscious mind, and it will unearth any belief system about being unlucky and allow you to heal from them.” If you need support, seek out a trusted mental health professional to help you navigate whatever comes up.

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