How Many Calories Are in Starbucks Syrups and Sauces?


Whether you’re a secret drinks fan, into something aesthetically pleasing to sip on, or want a cold coffee with a kick, Starbucks is here for you. If you’re eating with a calorie target in mind, either because your doctor has you on a specific nutritional plan or for a personal goal, Starbies has plenty of options that let you monitor exactly how many calories go into your drink — a level of customization that keeps many customers coming back for more (in addition to the cake pops). In these causes, it can be useful to know the Starbucks syrup calories.

POPSUGAR reached out to the coffee giant to provide you with a breakdown of Starbucks syrups’s calories and nutrition information, so you can put together the perfect beverage for you. But keep in mind: calories alone aren’t a perfect, or even particularly meaningful, measure of a food’s health or possible impact, since all bodies process calories differently, as The Cut reports. Plus, you should never restrict or dramatically change your calorie intake without first talking to a healthcare professional and coming up with a personalized plan. So read on to learn about the calories, total fat, carbs, and sugar in Starbucks’s syrups — but take the info with a grain of salt (or a pump of syrup), and unless you have a specific reason to be calorie-counting, focus on what tastes good and makes you feel good, rather than the nutritional label.

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