35 min Fell Good Yoga Flow for Beginners

This 35 minute yoga practice for full body gentle strength and feel good stretch is slow paced and gentle. This flow is perfect for beginners and those who would like to move slow, hold the poses a little longer and breathe deeper. This is a 35 minute beginner level vinyasa yoga flow for full body stretch and gentle strength that includes a warm up, flowing spinal movements, modified Sun Salutations, traditional standing yoga poses, hip stretches, twists and relaxing shavasana. Final shavasana will be a gift for our body and soul that will help us dive deeper into the present moment and find a place of complete relaxation and surrender. This practice will feel good.

This 35 minute full body slow yoga practice is a vinyasa flow that includes some of my all time favorite stretches. It is a smooth flow that will allow you to feel deeply grounded in your breathing. This flow is a meditation. It is a meditation for your physical body, just like a graceful dance where every movement is a perfect combination of strength, flexibility and balance. This flow is a blissful peace that we are searching. It is your opportunity to feel good. To feel connected to the powerful source of energy and wellbeing. It is a place in time where all worries seem to go away and the only thing that remains to have any relevance is this present moment.

This vinyasa yoga practice will include full body warm up, spinal waves, gentle backbends, hip openers, poses for hamstrings flexibility, balancing poses, forward folds and twists. Longer holds of some poses will help us build a little more strength as we take it slow.

These 30 minutes will completely change the rest of your day. Do not deny yourself this opportunity. Give yourself a promise to live consciously and mindfully of everything that happens in the present moment, feeling grateful for all the blessings and strong in the face of challenges that we all come across.

Remember that our success lies in our daily routine. Our health depends on daily movement and physical exercise. Our mood and mental health can be changed and sustained with the help of simple moves and stretches. No equipment required but it is always good to have a set of blocks or books by the side. Choose to feel good.

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