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Hi guys! Here is the AB video as promised! This AB workout routine consists of 2 ab circuits, the first is 4 exercises/3rounds and the second is 3 exercises/4rounds. My abs were SO SORE for a few days following this workout and although soreness doesn’t determine a good workout, it’s nice knowing you got them good!! & were also properly engaging and targeting them the entire time!

I tried my best to get across the importance of proper core engagement and building that core strength in the video without getting too preachy on you haha, but seriously… BUILD THAT CORE! It will only make you better in all aspects of your training in the long run.

Also, I have to mention that abs being seen is determined strictly by diet and genetics. If you don’t have your diet in check and a low enough body fat percentage, no amount of ab exercises will show you that 6 pack. So if abs is the goal, then a caloric deficit to shed that layer of body fat covering your abs should be your first priority and then you can focus on building them up. Most people have better abs than they think, they just need to get their body fat percentage low enough to see them!

This entire ab workout can be done at home with simple adjustments if you can make them! Replace the plate with any other free weight you have access too or just bodyweight and replace the rope crunches with a resistance band.

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Circuit 1 – 4 exercises – 3 rounds
1. Plate sit ups 10
2. Single Leg Plate Crunches 10
3. Plate Flutter Kicks 30
4. Weighted Plank 30 seconds

Circuit 2 – 3 exercises – 4 rounds
1. Hanging Knee Raises 10
2. Cable Rope Crunches 25
3. Lying Leg Raises 15

I rest 1-3 min between rounds, 0 rest between exercises.
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