The Best-Tasting Protein Powders to Add to Everything


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In the blur of a chaotic weekday, grabbing the most convenient things for a breakfast on the run, a lunch spent at your desk or even a dinner that doesn’t require cooking is sometimes hard to avoid. Making sure whatever you’re eating has enough protein to actually sustain you through a busy day can be challenging. Aside from keeping you full for a longer stretch of time, a protein-rich diet can also help with losing weight and gaining muscle mass. Sports dietician Hillary Ake, MS, RD, LD, CSSD recommends having protein take up 10-35% of your daily food intake.

Incorporating a protein powder into your diet can be an easy way to transform almost anything into a protein-packed snack, drink, or meal. Finding a protein powder that’s palatable can be another challenge. Whether you prefer one that is flavorless and can go undetected or are searching for something flavorful that will enhance the taste of whatever you’re adding it to, we’ve rounded up the best-tasting protein powders you’ll look forward to using. From plant-based protein powders to grass fed and pasture raised collagen peptides powders, shop our favorites ahead!

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