Yoga for Women | Pelvic floor exercises | Yoga for incontinence | Yoga with Tessa

Yoga for Women | Pelvic floor exercises | Yoga for incontinence | Yoga with Tessa

Instead of focused Kegels, this sequence uses a whole body approach to pelvic health.

Suitable for anyone, except in the case of severe prolapse do not do the first squat exercise (the other moves should be fine to do slowly but stop if the feeling of heaviness is too much). Also suitable during second and third trimesters of pregnancy (except last two exercises lying on the back – sit with hands on bump instead to join in with deep breathing).

Appropriate movement is important for pelvic health and prolapse, and to prevent these common issues. Great during menopause when hormone changes may affect the pelvic floor.

It is normal for the pelvic floor to feel different at different times in the menstrual cycle because oestrogen affects muscle integrity. Incontinence and prolapse can feel worse around menstruation. See also my videos Yoga for the different phases of the cycle.

Please see the hypopressive exercises for restablishing functionality between the respiratory and pelvic diaphragms. See for tuition.

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