Spirituality for Beginners | Beginner in Spirituality #shorts

Spirituality for Beginners is an essential topic. A Beginner in spirituality should always take up mantra sadhana under the guidance of an able Guru. Before that, you should acquaint himself with the deities of Sanatana Dharma. Faith in deity is all-important. He should read the Puranas and know about the characteristics of the various deities. Thereon he should perform Upasana, under a qualified spiritual master.Two steps are fundamentally involved. First is chant mantra so that he increases his capacity to remove his veil of ignorance and ask humble questions to the Guru, so that all his doubts are cleared.

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By watching our videos and following its teachings sincerely, you will notice enormous changes in your life making you a more joyful and happy person. Spiritual seekers can dispel their doubts and draw valuable teachings. This will help progress spiritually at a faster rate. Anybody and everybody is welcome to join us in progressing towards a happier and more fulfilling life which has been heard of in books but not experienced in reality.

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