Women’s 3 Day FULL BODY SPLIT | Full Program Explained (Glute Focus)

Fitness Workout for Women
This program is designed to specialize glute hypertrophy. It is a low volume program for women who want to improve their physiques with an emphasis on lower body and glute training. The glutes are a large muscle group that can handle a lot of volume – here we train them using the 4 main glute movement patterns:
– Thrust (eg. barbel hip thrusts)
– Squat/lunge (squats, lunges, Bulgarian split squats)
– Hip hinge (deadlifts, romanian deadlifts)
– Abduction (cable/machine abduction)

Having a mix of these movements is important to grow a booty because you’ll properly hit the gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus, and gluteus minimus. Out of these 4, I’d recommend prioritizing the first 3 movement patterns because they allow the most for progressive overload.


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About me: I’m a medical doctor and natural men’s physique athlete based in Vancouver, Canada. I seek to share science-based perspectives to help people lose fat and gain muscle. These will reflect the current expert consensus in the scientific bodybuilding community. I‘m lifetime drug-free and have been training since 2012.


Disclaimers: Consider seeing a physician to assess your readiness before beginning any fitness program. Information presented here is to be applied intelligently in the individual context. I do not assume liability for any loss incurred by using information in this video.


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