5 Fitness Mistakes Made as a Beginner

Fitness Workout for Women
This is my personal opinion about my experiences throughout my fitness journey, this advice will not apply to everyone.

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Contents of this video
00:00 – Intro
00:31- Number 1: too much winging it
01:31-Number 2: just going through the motions
02:24- when going through the motions is necessary
03:37-Number 3: no rest
03:47- Sleep
04:23-Rest Days
05:26-Rest time within the workout
06:38-Number 4: Seeing food as the enemy
09:03- Preworkout meal/snack
09:21- Outworking a bad diet
10:22- No goals or changing goals too often
11:57- A comforting word
13:27- Closing thoughts
13:56- Photo Montage through the years
14:32- The End.

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