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  • Below are the 5 major reasons you should be using Fitness Business Management software in your personal training business.
  • One of the most common problems with small businesses in fitness is the inability to scale service in order to take on more clients.
  •’s Fitness Business Management Software gives you more options for organizing your services and increasing revenue online which we help you mold to fit your vision for your business.

Personal training, both in-person and online, is a fixture of the fitness industry that is not going anywhere. Likewise, there will always be the need for Fitness Business Management software that helps trainers and gym owners provide better service and streamline their business by combining everything they need into one efficient package.

Many personal trainers, however, still ask themselves if such software is really something they need. If that’s a question you’ve asked before or still wonder about, here’s the best way to reach the answer: consider where your business is now and where you want it to be.

Is training just a hobby?
Do you train only a few clients?
Most importantly – are you content with the few clients you have and not looking to expand?

If you answer “yes” to those questions, you are someone who could probably do without professional software but, on the other hand, if you are like most trainers who want to grow their business and make their passion for training a profitable venture, Fitness Business Management software is a must!

Below are the 5 major reasons you should be using Fitness Business Management software in your personal training business. We’ll cover how meets each of these needs and can help upgrade your service and increase your revenue.

Request a demo of our All-in-One Fitness Business Management Software to learn more right now.

Table of Contents

#1 – Know the Numbers in Your Business

Professional trainers always track their clients’ performance in some form. Why would you apply a lower standard to something as important as your business?

You should always have your finger on the pulse of your business by tracking the financial stats and trends. With’s business management software, you can easily access client data and financial reports so you’ll always know how your business is doing.

Be sure your software can provide you with insights into the financial health of your company through instant access to reports. You should always know your gym’s monthly revenue, average member value, and member retention rate. These are equivalent to vital signs for your business and staying on top of them ensures you’re in the driver’s seat and not just along for the ride.

#2 – Add New Revenue Streams

In the ever-growing market of personal training and gym management software, there are now countless companies offering the basic functions, merely wrapping them in a different package. But how many can actually equip you to offer brand new services and totally transform your business? stands out as the best way to generate new growth and add the extra stream of income from online personal training and training plan sales.

– Online Training

Where a trainer once struggled to fill unpopular workout times, sometimes even discounting their services to do so, they can now use such times to interact with clients remotely, create training programs, and check up on clients’ progress.

Gone are the days when online training pioneers were obligated to use a complex, self-invented web of organization to manage all of the tasks related to remote training: a website to advertise their service, Skype to talk to clients, PayPal to collect payments, emailing clients their workouts, and innumerable spreadsheets for tracking business and workout data.

Our all-in-one platform is the only tool you need to sell your service, communicate with clients, and build custom training programs. Expanding your in-person service to the web is now easier (and more profitable) than ever!

– Sell Training Programs

Put your knowledge into pre-made training plans clients can buy online and perform on their own and you’ll have an endlessly scalable service that provides passive income.

It’s as simple as creating a plan in our workout creator, an 8-week conditioning program, for example, and making it available to purchase through your website. Customers can then find it, register, and start training without you lifting a finger. Our performance health software even enables you to deliver automated fitness assessments when clients register which will automatically steer them to the appropriate training program for their needs.

The best part is this process takes place through your custom-branded app created by our development team. Your own app, available for Apple and Android devices, will drastically enhance the perceived quality and credibility of your service when customers find you online.

#3 – Manage All of Your Tasks in One Platform

How many more clients could you onboard, engage, and retain if you had an easy-to-use software to schedule and book clients?

What if that software was built into the same platform you utilize to build workouts, sell plans, and deliver assessments?

The answer, of course, is that every trainer and gym owner can benefit from managing all of their training and business tasks into one unified tool and that’s exactly what we developed our all-in-one Fitness Business Management software to be.

Grow and manage your fitness business better with

The following are just some of the many benefits available with your business management software:

– Schedule Appointments & Classes

Efficiently schedule, view, and manage all appointments and classes — including by trainer, location, and service — with easy options for scheduling recurring events and availability.

– Process Payments Securely and Easily

Whether you’re looking to bill customers on a recurring basis, single session, or package basis, do it all with a fully integrated, secure platform that can support in-person and online payments.

– Easy-to-Use Workout Plan Creator

Our simple workout plan creator and exercise manager provide flexible solutions to save you time creating workouts and build your own library of custom exercises.

– Deliver Workouts for Any Training Scenario

Send workouts to a client, group, or class workout calendar for easy member and trainer logging directly in your custom-branded app.

– Retain Clients with Automated Workout Engagement

Automatically send workout reminders and summaries via email, text, and push notifications so they never miss a workout.

– Run Workout Challenges

Engage your clients with single or recurring workout challenges to deliver daily workouts and build community.

– Create Custom Fitness Assessments

Collect easy-to-analyze and actionable data from client assessments tailored for your business needs. Take automation to the next level by delivering new workouts automatically based on performance.

4) Maximize Efficiency in Your Business

It helps to be able to learn and put a system in place to say ‘We have this issue with the shoulder or this elbow pain, this hip internal rotation issue’ and we’ve gone through it with 25 other guys. We’ve had good success with 24 of them so we have a game plan in place.

The flip side is if you get stuck in a rut and your systems don’t work and are not scalable you’re just like why isn’t this working. You can’t see outside the box at all. Systems help eliminate problems.

Barrett Stover

Founder, Revolution Sports Performance

One of the most common problems with small businesses in fitness is the inability to scale service in order to take on more clients. If your schedule is full of mundane tasks, where will you find time to consult with prospects, onboard new clients, or study to improve your coaching?

You may even lose clients if you can’t maintain a high level of service and things start to slip through the cracks!

As an independent trainer or gym owner, you can easily be busy 6-7 days a week and still fail to reach your desired level of profit. If that sounds like what you’re experiencing, the problem is efficiency. The solution is a platform that streamlines all of the tasks of training and business operations.

The Fitness Business Management software offers you more opportunities than any other platform to employ easy-to-use systems that save time and let you put the small tasks on autopilot.

– Client Onboarding

Allow new clients to complete waivers and contracts remotely and get input automatically into your database. You can even set up automated assessment delivery or a custom beginner program to get them started right away with no lag time.

– Recurring Payments and Program Updates

Easily set up a client’s membership, then watch our software automatically release workout plans, files, videos, assessments, and more to gym members or clients online. Plus, automate billing to run in the background and save yourself from innumerable headaches and repetitive conversations about money.

– Save Time Designing Workouts

Even your highly customized programs will often have a similar structure or include many of the same exercises so why waste time starting from scratch every time you write a client’s workout?

Our workout creator allows you to save an unlimited number of program and workout templates so you get a head start on writing future training plans for similar clients.

– Online Booking

FBM Booking

Save yourself the hassle of back-and-forth calls and texts to set appointments. Let your clients easily book appointments and register for classes through your custom-branded booking calendar. Our scheduling software features the unique ability to set ability for you/your staff so you stay in control.

– Integrate With Valuable Outside Services

With integrations for Zapier, MailChimp, ConstantContact, Intercom, and more, you can bring your marketing and services in line and never have to enter redundant client data in multiple platforms.

#5 – Get Set to Grow

Small business owners have used to professionalize their service and amplify their reach. Many well-known coaches have taken their business to even greater success by using our system to streamline their practices.

What do these two types of users have in common?

Getting their business on board with took them to new heights and unlocked their growth potential by enabling them to maximize efficiency, manage their business conveniently, and sell their products and services to anyone in the world.

Here’s how some of our most successful clients are using

– Barbell Physio

Barbell Physio follows the Netflix Model, offering the Performance Plus Programming Annual Membership created by Dr. Zach Long & Pamela Gagnon. When clients sign up, they can choose which resources to access and apply.

This membership provides each client with weekly programming plus access to a library of Barbell Physio’s movement specific program and education videos.

– PJF PerformancePJF group plan workout

PJF Performance set up group memberships for basketball vertical and handling training. Each group has its own leaderboard, exercises, videos, instructions, and more.

These workout plans are time-released for specific goals enabling Paul to reach hundreds of clients with a single workout plan. PJF is setup for passive income monthly for years to come.

– Madeline Moves

Madeline Moves’ Tighter Together program takes a community-centered approach that fosters accountability through Instagram.

Everyone, including Madeline, begins this 4-week intensive workout program together on the same date. Leading up to the start date, she encourages new signups through Instagram giveaways, offering prizes such as free workout guides and gift cards for athletic apparel.

Clients can easily view workout descriptions, access Madeline’s exercise videos from anywhere, and stay up to speed on their progress. All program components work together seamlessly within a simple, user-friendly platform designed for Madeline Moves.

– Chip Gosewisch

Before finding’s Fitness Business Management software, PMR Performance was using an extremely cumbersome process to communicate with clients, deliver workouts, and receive progress reports. It required using a bunch of different tools that were inefficient and felt unprofessional, even to Chip!

Now, with, he can provide well-organized, effective training to athletes anywhere and feel confident in how his business is represented.

As you can see, Fitness Business Management software isn’t a one-size-fits-all tool that dictates how you operate. Instead, it gives you more options for organizing your services and increasing revenue online which we help you mold to fit your vision for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– Who are you guys, anyway?

The team at solves a major problem — how to grow your business without wasting time and losing money. We work with the real, confident decision-makers — the best of the best — like James Harrison (Steelers great), Don Saladino, D1 Training, Fairchild Sports Performance, and Freestyle Connection — and offer our all-in-one fitness business software to simplify managing your business.

– What sets you apart from your competitors?

We turbocharge your business with our all-in-one fitness business software that’s custom branded for your business.

  • Efficiently schedule, view, and manage all appointments and classes — including by trainer, location, and service — with easy options for scheduling recurring events and availability.
  • Save time creating workouts with our simple workout plan creator and exercise manager and built-in integrations, tools, and more.
  • Sell your training three ways – group subscriptions, individualized training, and single workout plans – to increase revenue inside and outside your training walls.
  • Take clients through your custom assessments to automatically deliver personalized workouts based on the data important to their success.

– Why not pay for custom development?

So many things could go wrong when building custom-branded apps. It’s also expensive, takes years to develop, and requires trust with your developers. We have a proven track record delivering apps for top trainers around the world and remove the risks present when doing it on your own.

– What if I’m not technical?

You don’t need to be. Our dev team will build your custom-branded apps and take care of all the technical stuff so you can focus on what you do best.

– What if I don’t have a following?

Engaging the followers you have is paramount because you can instantly convert engaged followers into paying clients with your all-in-one fitness business software.

– Is it hard to set up?

No, it’s very easy. All you need to do is follow our success team’s proven process. We will deliver your custom-branded, all-in-one fitness business software, and you can do what you do best!

– What if I wait to implement this solution?

If you wait, you will leave a lot of opportunity on the table to save time as you scale and manage your business with all-in-one software to engage and retain your clients. Whether you’re looking to bill customers on a recurring basis, single session, or package basis, do it all with a fully integrated, secure platform that can support in-person and online payments. This is a high-quality problem to solve. You shouldn’t wait to solve it.

– What exactly do I get?

You get all-in-one fitness business software that does everything you need. No more having one software solution for doing personal training, another for booking and scheduling, something else for client assessments, and yet another pricey subscription for marketing and client communication.

And then there are custom-branded iOS & Android apps. If you’re tired of paying too much for too many moving parts, stop the hacks and demo the all-in-one fitness business software today.

This all-in-one fitness business software will save you time running your business, handle everything in one place, provide endless opportunities to engage and retain your clients, and allow you to sell workout plans.

– Will this really work for me?

Yes. We have a proven track record with fitness professionals like Ashley Borden, Just-Train, PJF Performance, Madeline Moves, and Fit Thrive. Our all-in-one fitness business software will allow you to grow your business as much as you want.

– What are the next steps?

The next step is simple. Click “Book Demo” on the header of this page and schedule a call with one of our team members.

– Will this integrate with my other software?

Our software integrates with a variety of other software including Zapier, Stripe, YouTube, Vimeo, MailChimp, MyFitnessPal, ConvertKit, and more. But we also can custom build integration to power your business.

– What if I don’t have the budget?

This is an all-in-one fitness business software that allows you to grow your business as much as you’d like. You should strike while the iron is hot by investing in a workout platform that will help you scale your business, earn more revenue, retain and engage your clients, and save you time running your business.

Hopefully, you see the benefit of not waiting to have a system and software in place that allows you to manage and grow your business for years to come.

What features are most important for your business?

To learn more about how can help your business grow and provide quality service, schedule a demo with our team today.


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