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2:52 – EQ, Long vs short ester (level)
4:31 – AAS/glycogen, Flattening out
6:29 – Shawn Rhoden 25 g carbs/day, hours of cardio – why are re-feed meals so prominent? Do athletes not want to suffer anymore?
8:18 – Are Classic Physique judges sure what they’re looking for or are they judging what’s in front of them?
9:47 – Should Women’s Physique have height/weight requirements to keep it from becoming bodybuilding?
10:55 – Has Dave ever considered making a “total organ” supplement?
14:23 – Bringing up biceps through working them after back (to give them more time to recover)?
15:44 – Good preworkout meal, under time constraints?
17:16 – When on bulk, when should you time low glycemic carbs vs high glycemic carbs?
18:22 – Insulin response from protein vs. insulin response from carbs.
22:04 – Preventing the “genetic time b***”
25:09 – Is it true that your body goes into “survival mode” (and holding onto fat) when on low-calorie intake?
26:32 – Type 2 diabetic on keto, having a blood sugar of 90-129 during the day, not taking insulin, any solutions?
27:50 – For someone on the anxiety spectrum (OCD), best “protocol?”
29:28 – Tips on improving self confidence?
31:19 – What can and can not be prescribed in the US?
32:56 – Testolyze for “post” to bring back natural testosterone levels?
34:23 – How did Dave Palumbo’s Father find out that Dave was taking “supplements”?

There was another question on bringing up “upper inner” back.

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