This Cool New Gym Class Will Boost Your 2020 Fitness — Fast!


Have you started your #NewYearNewYou fitness regime and grinding hard, but not seeing results as quickly as you thought you would? Join the queue.

Time to PumpHIITup!

While getting in shape is a process that doesn’t offer an overnight reward; there are a few fitness boosting ‘cheats’ that can help speed things up. One such boost, is the all-new PumpHIITup class by Planet Fitness — designed to give you more results in less time. And like its name suggests, it’s a high-intensity workout on steroids!

With PumpHIITup you get 25% more burn in a third of the time, compared to traditional workouts, and the magic happens when you’re in the zone…

Maximise your workout

PumpHIITup brings science and tech together to give you a fitness experience with a focus on heart rate zones. The session integrates components of aerobic and anaerobic cardiovascular training, functional training, agility training, muscular endurance, and explosive power so you get the full-body workout you need to ace those goals.

Heart-rate training is a super effective way to improve overall performance, and PumpHIITup takes you through five heart rate zones based on your individual capacity. Each workout is strategically designed so you spend at least 12 minutes in the yellow zone which means you’ll reach around 90% of your unique heart rate max. This is where you bust calories fast! When your heart rate is elevated in the yellow zone (84% – 91% of your max heart rate),  for 12 – 18 minutes, your metabolism will speed up for up to 36 hours afterwards.

Don’t think you’re fit enough? This class caters to a variety of fitness levels, so you’re covered. Plus, its unique soundtracks and beats by DJ Ryan Dent, makes it feel like a party.

Besides, you get to set the pace with the performance screens in the class… So, you’ll know when to push yourself or take it slower. After every class you’ll also get a full breakdown of calories burned, minutes spent in each heat rate zone and heart rate statistics. Walk, jog, run, cycle it’s your choice.

Check it out…

Get going!

Download the pumpHIITup app to track your progress, book workouts and check the schedules. Download the app from App Store or Google Play.

PumpHIITup workouts are studio-based. Planet Fitness has PumpHIITup studios at De Waterkant in Cape Town and Sandton Gate in Sandton.

Planet Fitness Sweat Workout Party

Want to check out PumpHITTup and other cool exercise trends and classes for all fitness levels? It’s all happening at the annual Planet Fitness SWEAT Workout Party taking place at Nelson Mandela Square in Joburg, on 29 February 2020!

The SWEAT Workout Party is set to boost your fitness levels. It will feature many workouts, including Brazilian Booty Blast™, Piloxing®, Zumba® and so much more.

Tickets sold at R120 and are available at  — get yours now!

Visit for more information.

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