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No time for the gym? NO problem! Workout from HOME! Join health and wellness coach, Caroline Jordan, for a quick, no equipment needed, total body strength training routine. This body weight circuit works your ENTIRE body using functional training and dynamic movement. This exercise routine doesnt require any equipment; its perfect for at home fitness, traveling, or when you need a quick workout that provides results FAST. The exercises in this workout video will challenge your legs, butt, chest, arms, and abs. This routine is perfect for improving strength, preventing injuries, improving performance, losing weight, and cross training for sports.

In this video Caroline demonstrates how easy it is to workout from home. Even in a small space, you can still get a GREAT workout! If you are Tight on time, Go through the video once and focus on QUALITY and giving your best. If you have more, challenge yourself by working through this exercise circuit video 2 or 3 times through for a longer workout routine. Remember, when it comes to improving your fitness, ANYTHING counts. Keep moving, stay positive, and you WILL reach your health goals 🙂

Leave a comment below when you’ve completed the routine so I can congratulate you for making time for YOU. Have a special request or want another fitness video for stretching, strength, or cardio? Leave me your requests below. Cant wait to film more videos that help you reach your goals!

As always please check with a doctor before beginning any exercise routine. Be mindful of your body and injuries!

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