Pelvic Exercises Strength Workout DVD For Women

Fitness Workout for Women
Pelvic Exercises workout DVD highlights. Pelvic Exercises workout DVD is available from

Pelvic Exercises DVD brings you health professional expertise for kegel exercises and pelvic floor safe strength exercise prescription.

Pelvic Exercises Workout DVD is suited to exercise:

• With pelvic organ prolapse;
• After prolapse surgery;
• After hysterectomy surgery;
• For Pelvic floor strengthening and rehabilitation;
• With continence problems;
• Peri or post menopause; and
• After recent pregnancy and childbirth.

Inside Out Strength combines Michelle’s in depth understanding of pelvic floor physiotherapy with safe and effective strength training for women.

Inside Out Teaches Women how to:

• Workout for improving whole body strength and tone;
• Strengthen your pelvic floor for better support and control;
• Increase lean muscle for improved long-term weight management;
• Exercise with confidence living with pelvic floor problems.

Inside Out Content:

Inside Out Strength features two sections – each with a user friendly for their specific exercise menu allowing women to customize their workout needs.

Section 1:
• Demonstration and guidelines for pelvic floor safe strength exercises;
• How to perform correct pelvic floor exercises or kegel exercises;
• How to modify strength exercises; and
• How to perform strength exercises appropriate for the home or gymnasium setting.

Section 2 :
• 38 minute workout to exercise along with at home;
• Whole body strength and toning exercises;
• Pelvic floor exercises/ kegel exercises workout and progressions;
• Pleasant soundtrack; and
• Optional exercise progressions for more advanced strengthening.

Michelle Kenway is a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist, exercise instructor for women, presenter and author of the internationally acclaimed book Inside Out — the essential women’s guide to pelvic support. Michelle is recognised worldwide for her expertise in designing and promoting pelvic floor safe exercise for women. Michelle is married and is an active mother of two.

For more information about pelvic floor safe exercise for women and to purchase this DVD contact

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