Get thick arm workout for women | Weight gain workout for women

Fitness Workout for Women
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Get thick arm workout for women | Weight gain workout for women

Hey guys,

The most common request I get on Instagram and youtube comments is How to get thick arms and especially how to increase the size or forearms or how to increase the size of wrist.

Well here it is – the perfect video to get thick arm at home just using some dumbbells.
I have also included a weight gain workout split that I curently follow so watch the full video to find out.

Exercises covered today on How to get thick and gain weight fast:

1. Bicep curls
2. Bicep to reverse curls
3. Bicep curls (externally angled)
4. Reverse curls
5. Close grip bicep curls
6. Single arm tricep overhead extensions
7. Tricep kickbacks

These are some really specific moves to grow thick arms for skinny girls who have aways struggled with skinny thin arms. gain weight in arms and hands with this workout.

Add this to you weight gain journey and gain weight on arms.

treinar braços grossos
получить толстые руки
hacer ejercicio de brazos gruesos
få träning med tjocka armar
faire de l’exercice pour les bras épais

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