This Portable Sound Machine Is My Secret to Sleeping Better While Traveling


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I’m an extremely sensitive sleeper, which means that even the faintest sounds can disrupt my whole sleep cycle. I’ve long relied on white noise machines to help lull me to sleep faster; the soothing static masks ambient noise (and rowdy neighbors) without creating quite as much distraction as a guided meditation for sleep or nature audio. But what started with a white noise playlist on Spotify — Static for Babies, if we’re really being honest — has since morphed into a full-fledged addiction that requires I have a sound machine bedside with me every night. At home, this is easy enough to address; my Hatch Restore has been a gamechanger in more ways than one. But while I’m traveling or on the road, I definitely feel the absence.

So when I found out about the Lectrofan Micro2 Sleep Sound Machine ($35), I was of course, very intrigued. The travel-size white noise machine essentially bottles up everything that I love about my home-based sound machine and packages it in a portable device that’s small enough to fit into a personal carry-on bag, backpack, or even my everyday tote bag. True to its name, the product is equipped with several different sound settings — including fan and muddled static noises — that help to fill my room with a calming background sound. I simply turn it on, lay down, and before I know it, I’m out for the night.

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Ahead, I break down how this tiny Lectrofan device has managed to cure my sleeping woes for good — even when I find myself in thin-walled hotels or unfamiliar Airbnbs. From its compact design to the product’s crisp audio quality, it’s truly an essential for white noise-lovers (like myself) — and arguably one of the best sound machines money can buy.

What I Like About the Lectrofan Micro2 Sleep Sound Machine

First and foremost, I appreciate its portable design. Despite my best efforts to take my everyday sound machine on trips or vacations — and believe me, I have tried — the product was always too heavy or too bulky to conveniently fit into my carry-on suitcase. This travel-size white noise machine remedies that issue entirely with its compact design that fits into the palm of my hand.

Despite its small build, this device packs a seriously powerful punch with regard to audio quality. The product comes with 11 total non-looping sounds that range from ocean-inspired noises to traditional fan sounds and white noise options — allowing me to choose my preferred audio setting with ease. The small sound machine also has volume controls, which give me the ability to adjust the product’s sound frequency and loudness; this is especially helpful whenever I’m visiting urban areas like New York or San Francisco, where loud traffic noises can linger long into the night.

Unlike other portable speakers or devices, it’s also incredibly easy to keep charged. The ultrasound machine has a generic USB to C charging cord that’s compatible with other devices, meaning I don’t have to worry about traveling with a ton of different cords at once. I simply plug it in, wait until the LED light alerts me that it’s fully charged, and then start using it right away. In my experience, this portable white noise machine can last for two to three nights of use without needing to be charged again, but this might vary depending on how long you sleep with it on each night.

What’s Worth Noting

I’ve had the portable sound machine for almost a month now and haven’t encountered any issues with it. The audio quality is super clean, it charges efficiently, and as promised, delivers a variety of soothing sounds. But per reviews on Amazon’s site, some users have had their devices quit working entirely around the three-month mark. One reviewer wrote: “Worked great for about three months. After that when I rotated the speaker up, it stopped working. Still works leaving in neutral position. Enjoy the Bluetooth and built in sleep future.” Another reviewer wrote that while the product has “good volume, good sounds, good battery,” it does have a short life span. “At some point it started skipping every time we pressed the volume button, and then shortly after that it just stopped working entirely. We got about three months out of it.”

Of course, this all might be dependent on how often you travel or how diligent you are about charging the device regularly. Regardless, it’s worth keeping in mind if you’re in the market for a sound machine with a guaranteed long lifespan.

Who Is the Lectrofan Micro2 Sleep Sound Machine Best For?

If you (like me) need a little extra help falling asleep more soundly each night — particularly while traveling — you can’t go wrong with this product. Whether you’re stuck in a noisy dorm room, regularly find yourself in crowded hostels and Airbnbs, or simply have sensitive sleep tendencies that worsen when you’re away from home, this easy-to-use Lectrofan sound machine will help you achieve a better night’s rest, free from the disruption of loud neighbors and annoying little sounds.

Where Is the Lectrofan Micro2 Available to Shop?

This portable sound machine is available to shop at Amazon and Walmart ($51, originally $58).

Additional Details

  • The device is equipped with 11 non-looping sounds, including: four white noise settings, five fan sounds, and two ocean-inspired settings.
  • It’s battery-powered and each charge lasts 20-30 hours.
  • Beyond its sound machine capabilities, the device also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker that can connect to your smart phone.



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