Abs Workout /Week 1 Day 3

Fitness Workout for Women
“Welcome to workout-tube 🫢🏻
If you’re just starting your fitness journey and looking to strengthen your core, this is the perfect place to begin. Abs, short for abdominal muscles, play a crucial role in stabilizing the body, improving posture, and supporting overall strength.

In this workout, we will focus on exercises that target the abdominal muscles, such as crunches, leg raises, planks, and flutter kicks. These exercises are beginner-friendly and can be done at home with minimal equipment. It’s important to remember that consistency and proper form are key to seeing results.

As a beginner, it’s essential to start slow and gradually increase the intensity of your workouts. Listen to your body and make modifications as needed to prevent injury. Remember, building a strong core takes time and dedication, so be patient with yourself as you progress on your fitness journey.

Stay tuned for more tips, exercises, and workouts to help you on your path to a stronger core and overall fitness. Let’s get started and work towards achieving those strong and defined abs together!”

πŸ‘‰πŸ»A Workout Plan designed to enhance and maintain your abs at home with a few simple exercises.
Goal :
Abs Workout

Training :
Level Beginner

Program Duration :
4 weeks

Days Per Week :
Time Per Workout :
20- 25 minutes

Target Gender :
Male & Female

Rest Between Sets :
Max 30 sec

Rest Between Reps :

Time codes :

Warm up (00:10 _ 03:10)

00:11 : bodyweight lunges
00:48 : bodyweight squat
00:22 : wall sits
01:56 : heep raise ( bent knee)
02:50 : circles elbow arm

Abs workout ( 03:20 _ 08:07)

03:20 : cruches
03:40 : mountain climber
04:40 : lying leg raise
05:57 : alternative leg raise
06:37 : plunk
07:02 : cobra pose
07:44 : flutter kicks

Recovery (08:17 _ 12:18 )

08:17 : kneeling heep flexor strech
09:23 : band kneeling one arm pulldown
10:13 : standing Quadriceps stretch
11:18 : lying glute stretch hips

Abs workout
abs in 2 weeks
20 min abs Workout

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