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  • The article below explains how you can easily weave fitness activity into your daily life no matter where you are, and without having to commit to a gym membership. 
  • Virtually everyone can take ten minutes out of the day to indulge in some form of activity.
  • Once you get into the habit of moving your body, it will become easier and easier to find the time and get fit and transform your life. 

Getting fit doesn’t have to mean working out at the gym four days a week. As great as the gym can be for our bodies, we don’t all have the time to single out hours every week for training. 

Whether it’s working full time, traveling, family commitments, or other projects keeping us busy, not everyone can fit a gym session into their weekly schedule. But that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a little fitness.

The five steps below feature ways that you can easily weave fitness activity into your daily life no matter where you are, and without having to commit to a gym membership. 

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Transform Your Life: 5 Fitness Tips

How often have you found yourself at the tail-end of a long day trying to muster up the energy to head to the gym (or how often have you found yourself hitting the snooze button and avoiding your early-morning gym session)?

Contrary to what many hardcore fitness enthusiasts believe, the inability to “push through” fatigue and stress to head to the gym does not make one weak or unmotivated. Sometimes, life comes before the gym — and that’s okay. On days where you simply cannot commit to training, these five fitness tips can help you move your body in ways that increase energy and endorphins without having to devote time to a set exercise routine:

#1 – Walk Wherever You Can

One thing that can always be squeezed into a daily routine is walking. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise for the human body, often understated in terms of how beneficial it can be. Walking increases heart and lung fitness — it also helps strengthen the bones and improves balance, increases muscle strength, and reduces body fat. 

If you have the time, walk to the shops instead of driving, walk to work if it’s nearby, or just go for a walk around the block at the beginning or end of each day. If you can’t walk anywhere reasonable, then try to park your car a little further away than normal and enjoy a short stroll to your destination. If you catch the bus or train, get off one stop earlier and fit in a little extra movement into your day. It’ll make a huge difference in terms of fitness.

#2 – Take Ten Minutes

You may not be able to block out a whole hour for exercise each day, but virtually everyone can take ten minutes out of the day to indulge in some form of activity. Find a quick workout routine, do some jumping jacks, go for a quick jog on the spot, or do some stretches. YouTube is a great source of quick and easy exercises for beginners where you can find quick yoga, boxing, cardio, and aerobic workouts to replicate at home. 

Give this ten-minute workout a try the next time you’re in a time crunch:

It might be hard to get started with your ten-minute exercise routine initially, but you’ll always feel better by the end of it. As your body remembers that rewarding feeling of exercise, it’ll get easier and easier to do it. And who knows, you might turn that ten into twenty minutes. For an easy life hack, start by fitting in your workout while waiting for something: food to cook, UberEats to arrive, your favorite show to start, and so on.

#3 – Move to the Music

Who doesn’t love a good boogie? If you’re already hitting the club on weekends, then pat yourself on the back — that dance counts as fitness! If not, you can always take some time out to enjoy a little dance at home. It doesn’t have to be an award-winning dance routine, just put on some music, close the door, and let loose. 

Dancing is a great form of exercise that helps improve heart and lung fitness, increases muscle strength and endurance, is a good form of aerobic activity, strengthens your bones, helps with weight loss, and improves flexibility and coordination. Best of all – you can’t dance wrong. What’s not to love? 

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#4 – Enjoy Nature

One of the best ways to exercise without realizing you’re even doing it is by heading out into nature on the weekends. If you live near a nature trail or a forest, try to go for walks. If you live near the beach, go for a swim (or for a walk in the sand). Spending time in nature is relaxing, de-stressing, and lets you indulge in some nice views while also giving your body an awesome workout at the same time.

You’ll be so distracted by the sights and sounds of the surrounding nature that you’ll be able to fit in a long walk without getting tired or bored as easily. Watch the video below to see why spending time in nature is so great for the body as a whole:

#5 – Take the Stairs

Technically, this is also about walking, but taking the stairs is a different form of exercise and one of the best ways to fit in a little extra activity into your workday. Climbing the stairs burns more calories per minute than jogging, helps control your weight and builds muscles, and benefits your heart health. Best of all, it’s an easy habit to build into your life. If you work in a multi-story office building, try to forego the elevator and take the stairs instead. You’ll have more energy when you get to work, feel more attentive at your desk, and burn off a little bit of that meal you just had for lunch. 

For better benefits, take this stair climbing outside of the office and everywhere you go — at the shopping mall, doctor’s office, and anywhere you have the option. 

Get Fit Without Trying

Getting fit doesn’t have to be a tough slog that leaves you with sore muscles and pushes your mental strength and limits. It can be an easy, fun, and simple exercise that weaves into your day effortlessly. Sometimes, in our quest to get fit, we can reach for the sky and discourage ourselves in the process. 

Instead, adopting simple and clever fitness tips like the above can help us trickle in a bit of fitness into our busy lifestyles without demanding too much from ourselves. Once you get into the habit of moving your body, it will become easier and easier to find the time and get fit and transform your life. 

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