Yes, an IUD Can Move — Here’s How to Tell If Yours Is Out of Place


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While it’s rare, it is possible for an IUD to fall out or become dislodged. “The most common reason is anatomy,” Amir G Nasseri, MD, FACOG, told POPSUGAR. “The IUD is a small device that’s shaped like a T and fits inside the uterine cavity. The IUD itself only comes in one size, but uteri can vary tremendously from one person to another.” He added that an abnormal growth within the uterus, such as a fibroid, could also cause the uterus to expel an IUD.

There are a couple of telltale signs that your IUD has shifted within the uterus. If the strings that pass through the cervix feel shorter or longer than usual (something you can check with clean fingers), or if you can’t find them, your IUD is out of place, and you should call your doctor right away. Additionally, being able to feel your IUD, whether or not it hurts, is a sign that it has moved.

Rarely does an IUD fall out or become dislodged, but if it does, you have two choices: you can either notify your physician and schedule reinsertion of another fresh IUD or it might be time to contemplate another form of birth control.

What to Do If Your IUD Becomes Dislodged

Never attempt to push your IUD back into place or take it out yourself, as this can lead to serious injury or infection, Dr. Nasseri explained, noting that doing so can also compromise the IUD’s effectiveness. Once you suspect your IUD is out of proper position, use a backup form of birth control until your doctor says it’s safe to go without.

You might also discuss whether it’s time to switch up your birth control method. “Once the IUD has fallen out, this may be a signal from your body that this form of birth control is not right for you,” Dr. Nasseri said.

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