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Dancer’s Pose, Lord of the Dance Pose, The Natarajasana is called the Biellmann spin in Figure Skating and Scorpion in Cheerleading.

This position calls for deep flexibility of the hip flexors and flexors of the spine. Moderate hamstrings flexibility of the supporting leg is called up on as well. The pose can be helped by having flexible shoulder extensors. In Yoga, this pose is known to benefit the lungs, as well as many other organs and structures.

Due to so many areas of concentration, many people find this pose rather challenging. The reason being incorrect training. The most common way to train this pose is force the body into it. This is often achieved by assuming a position closely resembling it and pull as hard as possible for as long as possible, hoping for the results tocome one day. Kinesiological stretching takes a different approach.

​The pose is broken up into muscle groups. Each muscle group is stretches using patentedtechniques. These techniques use action vs action of the same muscle. This application avoids the pain of the stretch reflex, allowing for much quicker and safer flexibility gains. Having lengthened each tissue by itself, the pose is put back together. Most people see amazing results just after the first time of trying this program. Get Your Lord of the dance Program Today!

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3Downward Facing Dog
4Back Bridge
6Bird Of Paradise
7Locust Scorpion
8Double Hamstrings
9Lord of the Dance
10True Front Split
11Side Split
12Plow Pose
13Cow Face Pose
14Eagle Pose
15King Pigeon Pose
16Elbow lever
17Forearm Stand
18Hand Stand
20Eka Pada Sirsasana

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