Fitness Workout for Women
Learn how to shape your waist & body like an hourglass!

•Crosstrainer 5-10min
•Resistance band warmup 20reps x 2rounds /exercise
•Stretch 10-15sec / arm x 3rounds

1.Lat Pull down || superset || one side lats Pull down 4set x 12-15reps || 5-10reps /side
2.Vertical rows 4set x 10-12reps
3.Cable Pull down 3set x 12-15reps
4.Lying incline cable rows 3set x 12-15reps
1.Leg raise side crunch || superset || static hope 10sec /side 4set x 10reps
2.Plank crossover movement 3set x 10reps /side (20total)
3.Plank side pike 3set x 10reps /side
4.Upper side crunches 4set x 10reps /side
Alternative 1: Side twist
Alternative 2: Lying side crunches
By building our back and lats in particular, and also training our obliques we can create an illusion that our waist is smaller and more toned than it actually is. This is called the hourglass body shape effect. I’d say this is a win-win situation, you can shape your body if you want and at the same time, you build the strength in your back and side abs. You don’t have to this kind of method if you don’t want to!

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