Here’s How Busy Co Makes Skin Nourishing Body Wipes Eco-Friendly – And Luxurious

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Body wipes are convenient ways to freshen up between meetings or events throughout the day, but my old wipes left me feeling guilty with each use. Every wipe would eventually go into the trash, another icky plastic sheet piling up in landfill and maybe even the ocean. Gross! Sure, I’d feel clean physically, but mentally, it wasn’t worth the burden – until I switched to Busy Co. Each all-natural, biodegradable wipe contains gentle exfoliators, natural cleansers and botanical extracts that bring out your best skin. Here’s how Busy Co is making nourishing body wipes eco-friendly – and making me feel better both physically and mentally.

1. No harmful chemicals

As women like me demand no parabens, aluminum, or artificial fragrances in their products, Busy Co listens. Every ingredient in Busy Co wipes is 100% safe. There are even extra skin-healthy ingredients you just won’t find in other wipes. 

2. Major skincare benefits

Busy Co’s Toning Body Cleansing Cloth is rich in collagen, peptides, and caffeine – nourishing compounds you’re more likely to see in moisturizers and serums than body wipes. These ingredients give Busy Co brightening and clarifying effects. Busy Co’s benefits last long after I compost my wipes!

3. Convenient, on-the-go travel packs

Busy Co is made for busy women on the go! And with “on the go” comes with little time to freshen up between things, like when running from the gym to work. Busy Co’s biodegradable wipes come in a sleek, convenient wrapper that you can easily toss in your purse or gym bag for a super-quick cleanup.

4. Fully waste-free wipes and packaging

Not a single shred of my Busy Co wipes go to landfill. They’re all made of 100% compostable upcycled cotton, so they avoid the trash bin and return to the earth in a healthy form. Somewhere out there, my old Busy Co wipes are fertilizing soil and sprouting new life! I’m also not piling up my trash bin with flimsy plastic wrappers. Each wipe comes in 100% recyclable wrapping, and Busy Co’s cartons (there are 10 or so wipes in each) are fully recyclable too.

5. Eco-friendly production

Busy Co’s eco-friendly promise extends to its production line, which uses only wind power. They’re also manufactured in the U.S., so they’re going less of a distance to get to my door. Busy Co keeps it fresh from start to finish!

6. Super soft wipes

All this eco-friendly talk might make it sound like I’m wiping myself down with a rough old rag. Not even close – Busy Co’s wipes are soft and luxurious. They make freshening up a pleasure, and I feel supple and soft afterward, too.

7. Subscribe and save

Busy Co offers a wipe for all kinds of needs. The Deodorizing Feminine Cleansing Cloth is one of my faves for a quick freshening, and I can always break out the Primrose Feminine Cleansing Cloth for some coconut and primrose. I also love the Toning Body Cleansing Cloth for a full-body experience. Busy Co has me covered all around – and it can do the same for you!

Right now, Busy Co is offering our readers 20% off with Code BUSY20! Just head to Busy Co’s website to find your favorite wipes. A clean body – and a clean mind – have never been so swiftly within reach.

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