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By popular request, today I’m sharing what I eat in a day. This full day of eating video includes my meals, snacks, workout nutrition, and vitamins and supplements that I take. Along with regular time at the gym doing strength training, cardio, and a handful of Olympic lifts, eating this type of diet has led excellent health, building a lot of lean muscle mass and density, as well as finally shedding stubborn belly fat.

I step on my Tanita scale twice a day and typically roll between 147-152 pounds, 7-9% body fat, and 60% total body water. For reference, I am 5′ 9″ tall.

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My personal trainer, Rick Kattouf, writes my workouts and was also my nutritionist when I was an elite-level cyclist. That was the time that I learned the principles and building blocks of eating well and how to eat to fuel the body for what we want to accomplish. I mentioned to Rick that I was doing this video and he graciously agreed to offer you guys a discount on his line of nutrition products as well as workout plans. Links and code is below!

Save 30% on ALL Team Kattouf nutrition products and Leandown Fitness training programs with CODE HSS30.

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