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Join in the fabulous50s 14 day NEW YOU challenge starting on the 02 March 2023! Lose weight, get fit and build muscle. Walking exercise + low impact cardio + strength training + stretch workouts + balance for healthy aging. Suitable for beginners, seniors and if you are unfit, this is for you too. The indoor workouts are Low impact and perfect for women over 50. Everything you need to know is explained in this video. Questions about how to access the 14 day challenge, when to start, is it suitable for your level of fitness and what results can I expect???

✅Click here and sign up for the NEW YOU 14 Day Challenge…https://challenges.fabulous50s.online/weight-loss

Ladies, I’m trying something new, and I’m so excited!

For years now I have been running challenges to help as many ladies like me as I can. To take our health, fitness and vitality into our own hands!

I have received 1000’s of comments asking me to make a version that is even easier to follow that has no ads and amazing recipes and workout videos combined.

I hear you ladies, technology isn’t really what I’m best at… but I have made it my priority this year to make something new for us all!

Introducing, our brand new 14 Day New You Challenge! It is on a specialised platform I have created that has everything we need to succeed this year. This is a paid course because a lot of hard work and expertise has gone into making it (I know you understand better than anyone, that good things take time.) I will be keeping all of my free challenges I have made over the years on Youtube. You are welcome to do them and infact I encourage you to please do them!

This New You 14 Day Challenge on my specially made platform is my upgrade.

We start on the 2nd March (Sydney, Australia time), I am so excited to be sharing it with you. The ladies that are looking for the best combination of workouts and nutrition plans I have to offer will absolutely love this.

I even have made a special VIP section where for the very first time ever I will be doing 2 live sessions where we can talk and have fun together.

✅Click here and sign up for the NEW YOU 14 Day Challenge…https://challenges.fabulous50s.online/weight-loss

☞ https://www.youtube.com/c/fabulous50s?sub_confirmation=1


00:00 Introduction
00:38 what others are saying
03:00 what equipment will you need
03:56 when is the best time to exercise
05:01 why do a 14 day challenge
05:46 The cost of the 14 day challenge
06:46 meal plan details
07:33 private group benefits
08:16 14 day challenge summary

Welcome to fabulous50s! Join millions of women just like you, taking their heath, lifestyle, and vitality into their own hands!

By joining us, you will have free access to workouts created for women over 50, that are challenging but do-able (with consideration and plans for the absolute beginner too) plus awesome tips on beauty, fashion and lifestyle over 50.

If you are just getting started here, again welcome 🤗 Below you will find a list of videos you can watch to get you started, plus a direct link to my website and socials for even more free stuff 🙌
If you have something in particular you are looking for, just type the key words into the search bar and choose one of the videos.


🟢 WEBSITE: https://fabulous50s.com

🟣 INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/fabulous.50s/

🟡 FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/fabulous50ss/

🔵PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP: https://www.facebook.com/groups/29024

🟠PINTEREST: https://www.pinterest.com.au/SchelleaF/


30 Minute GET FIT Indoor Walking Workout For Women Over 50! https://youtu.be/kp67VFhbpsQ
30 Minute FAT BURNING Walking Workout | Get Fit LOSE WEIGHT Low Impact! https://youtu.be/g8Bc1TA6pbM
30 Minute 5000 STEPS Indoor Walking Workout For Women Over 50! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhwJaDkgFkk&ab_channel=fabulous50s



**Disclaimer: Information provided in this video is of a general nature only and is for entertainment/educational purposes. We strongly recommend that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. Performing any of these exercises is done so at your own risk.
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💌EMAIL ALL ENQUIRIES TO: info@fabulous50s.com
📧MAIL: Po Box 6092 Park Beach Plaza Coffs Harbour Australia 2450

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