Low Impact Cardio KICKBOXING to BURN FAT Workout for Women Over 40

Fitness Workout for Women
Burn Fat with this Joint Safe, NO Equipment, All Standing, NO Repeat, Cardio Kickboxing to increase metabolism and burn fat. We will be using low impact cardio HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) moves to get your heart rate into your fat burning, cardio zone with these fun kickboxing combinations. No equipment is necessary for this HIIT cardio kickboxing workout. Bring your water bottle and sweat towel though because we are going to get our blood pumping and our body burning fat and calories. At @fabfitover40withrhoda37 goal is to give you workouts that are safe but challenging, this is no exception! Each cardio kickboxing combination is for 40 seconds with a 15 second rest. I always say give a kickboxing workout 3 times to get the combinations down. In the meantime have fun learning the moves. Use power in your punches and kicks because that trains muscles and helps relieve stress. Who could less stress in their life? I know I could. By challenging your muscles you build strength and tone. Are you ready to burn fat, build metabolism all while protecting your joints? Let’s GO! #cardiokickboxing #kickboxingforfatloss #kickboxinghiit

If you are just finding the channel, please subscribe and keep exercising with us, I am glad you are here. At @fabfitover40withrhoda37 my goal is to give you safe and efficient workouts that will allow you to reach your goals with 30 minute workouts that target specific muscles and cardio moves in the workouts. Are you ready to increase your metabolism? As you build this lean muscle with strength training, you also reduce your body fat. That is because that lean muscle you create needs more calories to exist on your body than fat does so it has to burn the fat away. Strength training is the best way to increase metabolism and change your body composition for Women Over 40. Aging is a fact of life, gaining more fat as we age IS NOT! That is why I create workouts to keep you in the best possible shape you can be in. Are you ready to reach THAT goal? Let’s GO! #cardiokickboxing #kickboxing #lowimpactworkouts

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High lows one side
Tap down/kick high charlston
High lows one side
Tap down/kick high like charlston
Alt knee crunch alt punch
Lateral step tap/step out side kick
Other side
One Cross jab front, low jack, other side
2 knees same side as, then kick front leg/kick
backwards one side
Other side
Grapevine to oblique crunch back and forth
Punch/elbow/knee drive/front kick
Other side

Side kick 1,2,3 like grapevine side kick
Hook/upper cut/hook/ back kick front kick
Other side
Boxing leans up and down in squat
Jab cross/jab cross/2 power knees
Other side
2 elbows to the side4 count speed back/2 elbows other
Round house/front kick other leg
Other side
Duck under the punch/cross punch
Jab cross/jab cross/high block/back foot ft kk
Other side

How to find your cardio heart rate range. Take 220-your age, take that number, specific to you because of your age, and multiply it by .65 and .85. That is 65-85% of your max heart rate. Those numbers are your cardio range. Within that range you burn fat. At the low to middle of that range, you burn most of your calories from fat, around 70-80% of total calories burned. At the high end of the range you burn 50% your calories from fat. So you can see, at both ranges you would burn about the same amount of fat calories. Therefore, it is much safer and healthier to work in the mid range, vs working so hard that you are struggling to breath at the high end of this range. Safe, low impact cardio and compound strength moves, allow you to burn fat safely and efficiently.

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