yoga journey |Always Live Yoga for beginners and intermediate levels

Online Yoga Classes I Always Live Yoga for beginners & intermediate levels

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About this Video:

Always Live Yoga brings top Rishikesh trainers to you for your yoga practice.

This is a video of our actual live class. You can see how the trainer pays attention to the clients and guides them during the session.

Goodbye extra weight, aches & pains

Gain Strength & Flexibility to become Yoga Fit

Live Interactive Online Yoga with Trainer Guidance for Women & Family
🧘‍♀️ All Day, All Week Schedule, Mon-Sun, Try DEMO
🧘‍♀️A Join Any Batch Any Day as per your schedule by direct login to our website
🧘‍♀️Join multiple times a day if not able to complete a session
🧘‍♀️Burn 300-400 calories every class
🧘‍♀️Yoga asana variations daily
🧘‍♀️Special guidance for PCOD, Thyroid, Diabetes,
🧘‍♀️Backache and other medical conditions.
🧘‍♀️Family free to join your session
🧘‍♀️Facility to hold membership when away for over 7consecutive days*
🧘‍♀️Long term members get diet chart & a complimentary call with our wellness expert for diet management

Live and Interactive yoga classes where trainers can see your postures to give you feedback in real time.

FOR DEMO: WhatsApp us at 94250-62067 or visit

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