How to Do a Dancer’s Pose | Yoga

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On your way to Dancer’s Pose, on this journey, you will have opened your thighs. You will have done a back bend, like done your Ross in a bow.

You have done a standing, balancing posture like Tree Pose, and then, finally, you’re ready to put all of those things together, into this pose, into Dancer’s Pose.

What you want to do, is come onto your right foot, point the left toes, and just feel the weight shift over onto that side. With your thumb up, you’re going to reach behind. With your thumb down, you’re going to torque the shoulder, and internally rotate.

You want to keep the shoulder internally rotate. You want to keep the shoulder externally rotated. Point the toe. Grab for the big toe side, and then resqueeze your knees back together. What that’s going to do is get you back to center, and also give you the information of where your mid-line is, which will help you balance.

From there, all fingers, even my thumb, are wrapping around the foot. This finger is going to reach forward, and it’s like I’m pressing down into like a counter top, but pointing to my horizon line. The gaze is directly over this middle finger, nice and soft, and as I start to pitch forward, and hinge at the hips, both hips stay pointing down towards the ground, so this hip isn’t open off to the side. They stay pointed towards the ground. I keep reaching towards my horizon line, pointing through the toes, reaching, and I kick back, and I reach. And I kick back, and I reach. I kick back, and I reach.

The more you go for it, the more you actually reach, reach, reach. It allows you to kick, to come out. I’m squeezing my knees back together, back together, back together, and then, I release the foot down, to come out of that balance. Just to swing a leg out, it’s just too much for the body to try to balance. So, think about bringing those knees in closer together, and then finally releasing yourself to the floor.

That is Dancer’s Pose.

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