I Haven’t Bought Tampons in Almost 2 Years, and It’s the Best Move I’ve Ever Made


I’m all about shrinking my environmental footprint and saving money, and if I can do both of those things while making my periods less of a pain in the ass — well, you can count me in. But in the two years since I traded tampons for a menstrual cup, my enthusiasm is almost always met with a look of disgust or a quick, “I could never.”

I’ll admit: it wasn’t love at first sight with the cup for me, either. It took me several months of trying to wedge it in just right before I started to get a feel for how it worked. At first, I had trouble creating the seal and was very skeptical about its ability to keep me leak-free. I didn’t wear my menstrual cup out of the house until probably six months after purchasing it, and the first time I wore only the cup for the duration of my cycle, I checked it constantly. But once I had my technique and my schedule down, I was hooked.

I try to exercise regularly, and the cup has supported me through every workout imaginable. I’ve done yoga, lifted weights, gone for a run, and even surfed without any discomfort or shifting.

I put my cup in and go about my day, often times without thinking about my period once. It doesn’t get dislodged when I use the bathroom, and I never have to worry about a rogue string making an appearance at the beach. And the mess? Nonexistent. During my evening shower I empty the contents, wash out the cup, and stick it right back in and sleep like a leak-free baby. I hear from a lot of people that they’re concerned about the the ick factor, but honestly, I find it no nastier than disposing of a tampon or pad (and perhaps less so, because I don’t have to worry about the mess piling up in the trash).

I put my cup in and go about my day, often times without thinking about my period once.

The Saalt Cup is my perfect match — it stays put, comes in two color options, and includes a cute printed bag to store the cup in when I’m not using it. I found it easier to insert than other brands, but every vagina owner is going to have to find the cup that fits like a glove for them. So, if you’ve been curious — or even a little bit scared — I’m here to tell you that a menstrual cup is worth it, and it’s going to forever change the way you handle your periods. With practice, patience, and a few test runs, you’ll be ready to take it out in the real world and experience the magic for yourself.

The amount of waste I was creating and money I was spending for a period that’s going to crop up pretty much every month until I hit menopause felt ridiculous. My menstrual cup has years of life left in it, and my wallet doesn’t have to take a hit to buy expensive and wasteful products. I shudder now when I think of all the times I pulled out a mostly dry tampon or felt the squish of a pad. Thankfully, my days of buying tampons, pads, and liners are gone.

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