Love Is Blind Star Mark Cuevas Is a Personal Trainer — Check Out His Kettlebell Workout



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If you’re a Love Is Blind fan, you’re sure as heck buckled up and ready for the high-stakes finale on Feb. 27. The Netflix experiment-slash-reality-series — where couples try to prove that love is, in fact, blind, despite distractions and societal pressures — has taken us for a wild ride since its initial premiere on Feb. 13.

Love Is Blind has gifted the world enough memes to last a lifetime — and enough emotional drama to make me stress-eat Sun Chips on vacation in my messy bun and pajamas (yes, that really happened). But one of my favorite parts about the show thus far (aka the nine episodes I binge-watched leading up the Love Is Blind finale) is Mark’s unwavering devotion to hot-and-cold Jessica.

Mark (full name Mark Anthony Cuevas) is, as it turns out, a full-time NASM-certified personal trainer currently living in Atlanta. His romanticism and open heart aren’t the only alluring features about this 20-something. Yeah, maybe he has strictly brown sheets in his home and likes women a decade his senior — who’s to judge? — but he’s all about fitness. Ahead, check out one of the workouts he posted to his Instagram page last Fall using a single kettlebell.

Mark’s Kettlebell Blast

Do 12 total reps of each move (six on each side for exercises that require you to do both sides) three times through, or complete three rounds of 45 seconds of work with 15 seconds of rest. The moves, seen ahead, are as follows:

  • KB figure 8
  • KB plank to pass through
  • KB knee tucks
  • KB reverse-lunge pass through (what he calls “reverse lunge to under”)
  • KB squat to press

Mark appears to be using a 10-pound kettlebell for these moves, and you can watch him demonstrate each ahead. Work your entire body and sweat away any nerves you might be feeling prior to (or after) the Love Is Blind final wedding episode! You’ll say “I do” to this quick full-body session — and hopefully Jessica does, too.

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