BEST WORKOUT ROUTINE for WOMEN’S BODIES & FAT LOSS 💕🍋 How to Support your Weight Loss Hormones

Fitness Workout for Women
Today’s vlog is all about how to train as a woman to support our hormones. In this video I’m showing you guys how to train for the different phases of your cycle (around your period) so that you can get the BEST results from your workouts, build muscle and burn fat.

It’s so important that as women we work with our bodies, not against them. Our hormones fluctuate throughout the month around our period. Get the workouts I do that support my hormones here

FOLLICULAR PHASE: after our period ends – we have more energy, our hunger hormones are balanced, our metabolism is actually slower so we can workout more often and do more high intensity workouts. HIIT workouts 3x a week and 2-3x toning workouts lasting 45 mins or so, will burn fat and build muscle. Take advantage of the extra energy.

OVULATION: when you feel your sexiest, do workouts that are dynamic and allow you to connect to your body, I like to do more low impact no jump cardio with sexy pilates mixed in!

LUTEAL: the PMS phase, we are naturally more hungry and that’s totally normal because our metabolism is faster in this phase so we should be eating more! We should also .be working out less so we don’t spike our cortisol and store fat. I do more walking and pilates toning classes and workout for 30 mins, max 45 and only 3-4x a week.

MENSTRUAL: during your period listen to your body, if you’re tired rest, if you want endorphins and feel like it will make you feel better then do light stretching, mat pilates or yoga or walking outside.

Hope you’ve found this video helpful! It’s really changed the game for me xx

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