I Tried a Trainer’s Bosu Ball Core Workout, and My Abs and Arms Are Still in Shock


The Bosu ball is one of those fitness tools that, for me, requires a lot of brainpower. Which way faces up? Do I stand on it? Do I lift it? Is there a scenario where I should be throwing it like a Frisbee? (No, there isn’t — I’m disappointed, too.)

So when I found a Bosu ball ab workout posted by one of my go-to Instagram trainers, Cindy Yu (@cindyyufitness), I knew I had to give it a shot. Her exercise ball core workout didn’t let me down, so my expectations were high for this one. I knew the moves would challenge my balance, but I still wasn’t prepared for the first exercise, a bear pose with your hands on the Bosu ball (flat side up) and one foot in the air. I could barely hold the quadruped position, and I was feeling the move everywhere, not just in my abs, but also my glutes (another important muscle group in your core) and arms. The same thing happened with the next three moves: my abs were shaking hard, but so were my arms and shoulders. I collapsed after two rounds with my abs, glutes, and upper body exhausted.

We’ve broken down the full workout below, and you can watch Cindy’s video above to see how to do each move. We’ve also provided some modifiers, because I sure as heck needed them. This ab workouts is advanced, so go slow, focus on form, and get ready to feel the shake in your abs!

Bosu Ball Ab Workout

Equipment needed: A Bosu ball.
Directions: Do 12 reps on each side, then continue to the next exercise. Complete three to four rounds total.

  • Bear pose leg extension crossover
  • Tricep plank press (Modification: lift one arm at a time, like an up-down plank)
  • Side plank dip (Modification: bend your bottom leg)
  • Elbow blast off plank (Modification: lift one arm at a time

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