Cool Down (or Warm Up!) With This “Intentions” Dance Session From Fitness Marshall


There’s no denying that, after four years without an album or even a single of his own, Justin Bieber is finally gracing us with feel-good hits we just want to move to. “Intentions” is no exception, and the Fitness Marshall, as they’ve done for many popular songs, recently released a dance workout set to this hit featuring Quavo.

This is meant to act as a cooldown from your sweat session — perhaps a way to lower your heart rate after some Tabata — or a quick three minutes to get you warm (Caleb, aka The Fitness Marshall himself, said you can use it for either depending on what your intentions are). Bottom line, it’s not too fast and it’s not too slow where it’s boxed into either category.

Moves in this video include something called “step back and rain,” body waves, and repeated step and grabs. Needless to say there’s a lot of stepping from side to side here. Note: the backup dancer (or “backup booty,” as Fitness Marshall always calls it) to the left of Caleb is the team’s manager, and his face throughout is exactly how I would look trying this for the first time. However, I have full confidence in you! Want more Fitness Marshall and Justin Bieber? Check out this “Yummy” dance cardio.

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