Erin Stern | What to Eat Before & After a Workout | Pre & Post Workout Nutrition

Workout Meals
Pre- and post-workout meals are considered the two most important meals of the day for an athlete. A good pre-workout meal can provide the right nutrients to help fuel an epic workout. And a good post-workout meal can help fast track recovery to repair muscle.

Luckily, 2x Ms Figure Olympia Champ Erin Stern invited us to her kitchen to talk about her pre- and post-workout food choices.

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About Erin Stern:
As a 2x Ms. Figure Olympia champ with 14 IFBB titles to her name, Erin has solidified her status as one of the most prolific icons in bodybuilding. Erin joins Team Cellucor® as an expert for all nutrition and fitness tips to maximize your workout performance.

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