How To: Timing Pre/Post-Workout Meals

Workout Meals

-Eat your pre-workout meal an hour-hour and a half prior to working out. Make sure you are getting a good source of energy from some slow to somewhat fast digesting carbs into your system. You want to gradually spike your insulin levels before your workout. Timing is everything. Something I would eat would be apples with peanut butter, or oatmeal and blueberries, or whole grain pasta with broccoli and beans.

-After you workout you are going to want to get a post-workout meal in no more than 30-90 minutes (that is your window) after your workout. You want to take in a substantial amount of calories from some fast digesting carbohydrates and a fast-acting protein. The quicker you give your muscles the energy it needs to repair your muscle fibers and reproduce more, the better it will be for your muscles. Something I would eat is a whey protein shake with a fruit in it, which can be seen here:

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