Perfect Back Workout ⏳

Fitness Workout for Women
Strong strong girls train backkkkkk am I right 👀
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✅ BOR: imagine pulling the bar to your belly button with your elbows, keep them tucked into your body avoid glaring them out: 6-8 reps 4 sets
✅ Lat Pull Down: keep your thumbs out to avoid your forearms overtaking. Imagine making a semi-circle every time you pull the bar down, keep your core engaged and avoid swinging! 8-10 reps 4 sets
✅ Seated Rows: make sure you’re getting a deep enough stretch to target your back. Squeeze/ contract your muscles before releasing again: 8-10 reps 3 sets
✅ Single Arm cable row: remain bent over with a slight upright position, pulling at your elbow at all times: 6-8 reps each arm 3 sets
✅ DB Pull Overs: keep a slight bend at the elbows, stretching as best you can when extending before bringing the weight back up. 3 sets till failure

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