Yoga for Lower Back Pain | Beginners Yoga Flow

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Namaste and welcome to Shvasa!

This yoga flow is specifically designed to alleviate discomfort and strengthen your lower back, making it a perfect resource for those who spend long hours sitting or experiencing chronic lower back pain. Through a sequence of gentle stretches and strengthening poses, we aim to enhance your mobility and posture while soothing your back discomfort. Regular practicing of this flow can bring numerous benefits, including increased flexibility, improved spine alignment, and reduced muscle tension.

This yoga flow will not only target your lower back but also help to strengthen your core, further supporting a strong and healthy back.

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Book your class now and get 7 days of free trial 👉
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About Shvasa:
We are a bunch of passionate yogis from the birthplace of Yoga, INDIA. We endeavour to live yoga in every breath and are excited to share this beautiful practice with you and the world.

Shvasa is the Sanskrit word for breath, and no yoga session is complete without an intimate rendezvous with breath. Often under-utilised and even ignored in many of our present-day yoga sessions; breath, it is the one dependable friend we all have that can transform how we live our lives. At Shvasa, this very breath is at the core of our unique approach to practice methodology and a strong connecting thread across practices like Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation.

All yoga teachers at Shvasa have been trained under and constantly guided by Yoga acharyas whose practice is a balanced blend of traditional knowledge and modern scientific research. Each one of these highly disciplined teachers, with their earnest efforts, will share only the authentic and relevant practice with you, our genius tech and product team is equally determined to bring this practice straight into your living room.
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Kindly consult your doctor if you have any pre-existing medical conditions and check if the practice is suitable for you.
All our yoga flows are thoughtfully planned keeping the general safety guidelines in mind. The nature of physical practices like yoga may involve physical injuries if practised incorrectly, too quickly or when you skip the systematic steps of safe practice. Shvasa will not take responsibility for any injuries you may have to ensure during this practice by
If you experience discomfort or pain while practising a certain flow or posture please listen to your body and come out of the posture immediately.
We always recommend you to practice yoga under the supervision of a professional teacher as we want you to be safe and reap all the benefits of practising yoga the right way. 🙏

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