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We are so grateful and honored to share this deeply calming music with you. This 1 hour long video is designed to help you to reduce stress and anxiety.
We hope this music helps you to reduce negative emotions and relax your mind so you can keep finding the strength and positive energy that is inside of you!❤️

Here are some good tips and benefits to help you:

🔆When to play the music:

For relaxing, studying, meditation, yoga, nap time, quiet time, background music:
Just click play and enjoy, wherever and whenever.

For sleeping:
We recommend putting on your favorite relaxing music around half an hour before bed or nap time. Allowing time to absorb the music and “wind” down before sleeping. You can use it to fall asleep and you can keep it on all night to sleep better.

🔆 Benefits of Relaxing Music:

🔸Improved Sleep Quality.
🔸Calms Down the Mind
🔸Reduce Stress and Anxiety
🔸Trigger the Release of Sleep-Friendly Hormones, Including Serotonin and Oxytocin
🔸Releasing Tension
🔸Releasing Negative Emotions
🔸Boost Brain Development
🔸Pain Reduction
🔸Quiet the Nervous System

🔆 Creating a Relaxing Environment:

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💌 Now close your eyes and relax with me 🤫

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