At Home Weight Loss Workout For Women [FULL BODY, ALL STANDING]

Fitness Workout for Women
Get strong and confident with this 30 Minute dumbbell workout! Burn Fat and build muscle when you do this workout.

Every time you pick up the weights and challenge yourself in a new way, you are giving yourself the opportunity to see how much of a strong and resilient person you are. Use this workout to start or end your day and you will feel a huge difference in your sense of accomplishment and self-esteem.

Dumbbells used:
1 Set of 8lbs
1 Set of 2lbs
*you may use any set available to you but I suggest using these two sizes at a beginner to intermediate level as we do a lot of volume (reps) in this workout. If you feel more advanced or would like to challenge yourself, use heaver sets. If you dont have weights at all you can try the workout with what you have available to you in your home or do it body weight!*

After you complete this workout, hydrate as much as you can and perhaps even have a protein rich snack or meal to help with muscle synthesis. When you do any type of resistance training, your body tears and breaks down the muscle during exercise, and its the recovery that helps build it back up stronger, so make sure to take your recovery and nutrition seriously to see great results.

Workout stats:
Apple Watch setting: functional strength training
Length: 30 mins
Calories Burned: 210 *depends on your personal stats
Level of Intensity: 8/10



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