2 great combos for your next upper body workout 🙌🏻🤩 #workout #viral #gym

Fitness Workout for Women
…that you don’t want to miss!

2 supersets you want to finish your shoulder day workout with, to really exhaust your laterals and front delts.

🔸superset 1:
Dumbbell lateral raises + barbell upright row
I did 12 reps on both exercises and 4 sets.

🔸 superset 2:
Seated barbell front raises + standing dumbbell front raises
I did 10 reps on both exercises and 4 sets.

Most important thing in all 4 exercises is to make sure YOU stay in control of the weights and not letting them control you.
Don’t force using heavy weights or too many reps, stay within what you can perform with good form.

Ps. don’t do this on your hair wash day 😂

Will you try it out?

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